Monday, March 3, 2008

TQB Designs - "Tincery, Quincery & Blunt"

The Queen Bead. Although I thought of my company name many years ago (I was 15 to be exact- and quite the giddy high school student then), the name has evolved over the years, as have the processes. I like to think that my intentions were original, but alas, it was not meant to be. So, officially TQB Designs stands for: Tincery, Quincery & Blunt. This is a medley of silly words with absolutely no philosophical or meaningful connection to me and what I do (thought I have say that I am quite blunt sometimes - that fits). Why, you say, did I choose this route for my business? Well, because "The Queen Bead" as well as their derivations: "The Queen Bee", "Queen Bead" "The Queen's Beads", etc... have been used over, and over, - and I feel that I have evolved past just the "bead" part of what I make. I truly love the metal work part of the jewelry making process, and strive for perfection in that as well. To me the metalwork should be as noticed as the beadwork.

In the end, I just want to have fun, with what I do (and keep people guessing at the same time). I often am asked at the shows I do: "What does TQB stand for?" ...well this is it. I know that I will keep evolving as will my work so why not throw in a little crazy? Crazy?... Perhaps so ... but I love what I do, no matter the name.

- Pink

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n. and p. said...

Hi Missy!! I just found your blogspot this AM and I must say...WOW! Also, I am happy to report, your earrings were an extra special anniversary present to me last year from my husband, Yo! How crazy is that? I was happy to see you and your lovely family at the toy store yesterday. I have marked you as one of my favorites on etsy and I know I will be purchasing from you in the future. Cute story about your business name. I had it in my head that it stood for "They're Quite Beautiful"!! Lovely, lovely designs. Hope we can keep in touch. Anne LeBlanc