Friday, March 5, 2010

The colors of TQB Designs - by popular demand No.15

Now I know that may of my loyal customers (and future customers too) have been waiting anxiously for a full listing of all the colors I have in my collection.  This is my full collection of all the tiniest colors I have  for your viewing pleasure.  I will subsequently be posting future collections of beads sizes 11 and 8 as I take those photos over the next month.  But, for now - here is my biggest selection of colors that I use in every woven bead size from a 4mm core all the way up to my biggest 1.25" of 25mm.

Enjoy everyone!

- Pink

In Memorium - Mr. Knightley

My Dear Knightley.  We love you and you will be missed.  We had you for such a short time, but now you are over the rainbow bridge, in the biggest park imaginable and you are running, running, running... without tiring. 

July 26, 2009 - February 17, 2010