Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's a girl to do....?

As some of you may understand - I make each and every beaded round, oval, saucer and square in my collection - as well as 95 % of the metal work - soooo that's alota hours. I work between 10-14 hours/day in my creative processes - how 'bout you?

So... it has been up a bit with my upcoming show: Rebel Rabbit Craft Fair: Get Your Craft On! Don't forget, if you are in the Portland, OR area on July 29th - it's at the hipbone studios on E. Burnside from 11am - 4pm. I'll be there with lots-o-new work! Including some items from my new Continuous and Metalworks line.

Also, if you have been following me and this small bit of drama you will notice an improvement since 2 weeks ago on the work bench. Let's face it - don't we all think more clearly with an organized surrounding?
How's your work space looking?

I would also like to take a moment and thank all my customers for such great sales, so far, this summer! To date this has been TQB's best year yet! Thank you all!... see still working (happily)!

Also, if you noticed the necklace I'm wearing - it is all part of a new line of jewelry: "Continuous". The design is created from one piece of wire. You will have noticed a few pieces of it already: My heart pendant and the "pin dot" earrings, if you've been shopping on my Etsy site.

I also want to announce, due to great demand on the part of my customers, that I will be coming out with a line of jewelry without my beaded rounds: Metalworks. It will consist solely of my metal work. I'm very excited about this and hope you visit my Etsy site around mid August to see the first pieces up. They will be clean, simple, modern - very much like the beaded round collection - but with a few surprises too...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Crap?!... NO, that's Craft

I Heart Rummage brings you yet another reason to make art:

Crap into Craft !! (BYOS) bring you own stuff

We know you have a crafty streak!

We know you come to the show and check out all the cool stuff and then go home and try to make it yourself!

We know because we've done it ourselves!

And we know that sometimes it can be a challenge to finish that project.

Maybe you are almost done but just can't figure out how to finish it off?

Maybe you got stuck in the middle but don't know how to get to the next part?

Or maybe you really tried to get it started but those first few tries just didn't cut it?

Well now's your chance to get it all worked out!

We provide the teacher and some basic supplies, you bring your unfinished project parts and your ideas. With the help of one of our crafting experts, you will finally get that project done! You'll have fun doing it and you'll be so proud of yourself!

Class schedule is as follows:

July 14th - Jewelry making with Anna Heinrichs of Anna Perrone Designs

July 21 - Needle felting with Laurie Sharp of Wool Pets

July 28 - Card making with Heidi Adams of Pushing the 'Lope

August 11 - Sewing with Sara Lanzilotta of Devout Dolls

August 18th & Sept.8 - Special 2 Part Class! Homebrewing 101 with Jim Lanning of Hopgod Brewery and Cascade Brewers Club - Day 1 - Learn the basics of brewing your own beer at home! Day 2 - Come back in 3 weeks to bottle and enjoy your creation! (Only 3 spaces available. Location: Bothell)

We are still working on the locations for the classes, but we are definitely taking your class reservations at this time. So email us at to reserve your space in your favorite class! Once we have the locations confirmed, those on the reservation list will be notified. All classes will be in the Seattle area.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Focus on the Art & Craft

Do you ever take pictures of your work space.. yourself... or perhaps your journals, just for documentations sake? Yes, I have to admit, I am one of those people (and have been doing so ever since I bought my first bright yellow "diary" from the neighborhood grocery store at the age of 11 - you know the type with the tiny lock and the keys that you loose right away. Somehow I got it open...). Anyway, I love to document my life. I believe that everyone has a story to tell. I have learned so much from other people through verbal stories, music, books, art, film, letters and yes... blogs,blogs, blogs.

I love to focus on the positive (and we need more of this in the world, for sure), ... so if you have a positive story you'd like to share, either about how your art has influenced your outlook on life, or maybe you're an art lover and not so artsy-crafty... how has art influenced your life. What are your favorite stories, music, books, art, film, letters and blogs - I'd love to hear about it! I know that these are simple questions but, most of the time the simplest things have the most touching and complexed answers.

I like to tell a story through pictures...

and thanks E.M. You've really put purpose into what I make!

Rebel Rabbit Craft Fair - Portland, OR

Rebel Rabbit brings you "Get Your Craft On" at Hipbone Studios, Sunday, July 29th. Many of my customers wonder if I will attend a summer show this year - well... here is your opportunity to see me, and my work! I have several new designs and color combinations - so it will be worth the trip.

So, join the festivities to see Portland indie crafters for this summertime event. It should be fantastic - the list of vendors is on the Rebel Rabbit website, so check it out and do some pre-shopping.

Hope to see you there...
- Pink

Friday, July 6, 2007

First Friday Color Block: Virginal or Bridal? No...Chic.

So, virgin you say... or was that bride? None-the-less, what traditionally comes to mind of course is WHITE: It can keep you cool, you can mix it with hard colors to make them softer, and it is always a very chic color choice. So, with this first color block, here are the shades of whites in my repertoire. We all need a little white once the weather starts heating up (or down. Down the aisle that is)!

"The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!”

- Coco Chanel

*colors include - clockwise: champagne, vanilla, linen, & pearl

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Weather Wednesday - July 4th, 2007

Most people, I gather, are familiar with the weather patterns of the Pacific Northwest: wet. Well, I'm one to say that I love the weather here. It's temperate and mild and it's what keeps everything green - especially my garden. I don't have to water much in the summer, except August and early September when it's dry. But, when it's sunny it's beautiful!

But lets face it... I'm not really happy unless I'm working on my jewelry... really! So here are my 4 steps to a successful 4th:

Step 1: Notice the outdoors. It's an absolutely beautiful day... much too beautiful to be stuck in a basement studio. Go outside!

Step 2: Gather supplies. What would I do with out my trusty travel table. A hunk of beeswax, measuring tape, colored markers, beads... what more do I need?

Step 3: A place to sit. Definitely. I know its not your ordinary patio chair, but when was I ordinary? Everyone should have a fuschia slipper chair while working.

Step 4: Look content. Heck even happy! As you can see I am now.

So, if you want to see the rest of the week's forcast for those that don't live here in Portland, check it out. I hope you liked the snapshot view from where I live... it's been a fantastic day!
...and, until next week, keep your feet dry and your head in the clouds.*cheesy wink*

Monday, July 2, 2007

For those of you not familiar with ihr - well you're in for a great treat! If you live in the Pacific Northwest then you will be able to see any one of three... yes three, holiday shows this winter. ihr is expected to have one in Northern Washington, Seattle, and Portland.

To familiarized yourself with this fantastic indie organization, view the youtube linked logo and see for yourself how great it is to be part of this group!

Also, for those of you still searching for a holiday show to join as a vendor, just go to the ihr website for details, or send them an email and let them know you are interested!
**clockwise: Cheyanne, me, Anna, Cassandra** - Cheyanne took this great group shot of us while they were all visiting from Seattle and touring Crafty Wonderland in Portland! Thanks all - I had a great time!