Friday, December 12, 2008

Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale - December 14, 2008

Crafty Wonderland voted "Best of the City '08"

This is the Holiday Event of the Season and it isn't to be missed - this will be an amazing event of over 180+ Vendors! It is the Super-Bowl of Craft! I will be in attendance and I can't wait - hopefully it won't snow - BUT, if it does Trimet and the MAX train go right to the Convention Center so there is no excuse not to attend:) Hope you can make it!

They will be handing out 200 swag bags to the first visitors through the doors. We'll also be creating an event program to hand out at the door. It will be a cute little booklet with a map of the vendors, interviews, crafty surprises, and advertising.

Here's the skinny:

Sunday, December 14th from 11am-7pm
at The Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Portland, OR
All Ages * Free Admission!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rule #1 - The Power of Thought = Common Sense

I was, of course, thinking the other day, about how it is my ideas are developed, nurtured, and finally realized. I have to say that I have never really been one to mull things over for long periods of time before acting. I am a split-second decision maker when it comes to something I really want and know. Much like when I quit my full-time job 3 years ago. I went to work that morning, sat down at my desk and decided "Yep. This is the day I give notice. Can't do this anymore."

So, what's my secret? It's my power of thought. YOU have this too you know: If you "think" about it nothing is created until it is a thought first. In my work as a photographic/development consultant I am always trying to convey my message to those that I help. I often tell them that the secret of my success is I see it AND believe it.

If you can see it happening in your thoughts - can it really happen? My answer is yes. Without a doubt. Speaking of doubt... that's usually when I start to flounder (create a dry spell and a slow-down within my work-life).

I realize that this may sound simplistic, perhaps even a bit "new age" but, I have always thought of it really as "common sense". It is also my Rule #1 when I said good-bye to "the man", ditched that day-job, and started working for myself.

I know that everyone has their own story of "Common Sense" or focused drive. Take the time to remember it and believe. You may be surprised at how able you are to really do what you want.

- Pink

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

da Vinci Arts Middle School - Art Show

Yes... it's that time of year again - the Annual "da Vinci Arts Fair" - Hurray! So grab your bags and get-a-shoppin'. This is a Holiday Show not to be missed:) I will be there with bells on (okay... probably beads, yes)... and I will of course have all your favorite designs as well as a few new ones and of course COLORS!... so many colors.

Some of my other very favorite artists will be in attendance as well: Lisa Kaser and here fantastic illustrations - I just can't get enough of these and I buy them every year to expand my collection. I always see something new whenever I look at them - they are so inspiring to me! And Lisa comes up with the most fantastical imagery every year... can't wait to see what she has this time!

Carolyn Holman will also be showing her work at the show - she has Amazing encaustic paintings that you won't want to miss - so beautiful! I love this one of the bottles...

...and lastly to keep you warm and cozy, Kristina Perry of Liv & Lotus - has the most gorgeous scarves and darling little chicken hats for your little ones... hurry - cause these go fast (how can you resist that cute chicken)! Kristina uses mostly all reclaimed materials and recycled bottle fleece and creates patterns with natural fibers and anything bright and sparkly. You'll want to get a few of these for your loved ones for those cold days ahead!

da Vinci Arts Middle School
2508 NE Everett Street | Portland, OR 97232

Saturday, December 6th - Noon - 6pm

Sunday, December 7th - 10:00am - 4:00pm

Free Admission

SHOP - LOOK - LISTEN! This event has something for everyone!

Art & fine crafts, an art making area, refreshments, art raffle, music and much more!

Hope all my regular customers can make it to this show. It is such a good cause for this amazing Portland Public Arts School and our kids are worth it!

See you there...

- Pink