Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mille Souvenirs

Sometimes we are presented with the most inspired sentiments. In my case it was when reading about my favorite opera La Traviata. I have been in love with this art form since I was 17 and first heard this music in one of my favorite movies of all time The Music Teacher, in which the young male singers have a dueling match of voices - amazing! So, in reading about this heart-wrenching and melencholy opera I came across a letter from Alexander Dumas to his lover Marie Plessis. They were very much in love, but during that time money was a big factor in whether or not people could be together... alas, it was not meant to be for Alexander and Marie, but the letter explains it all:

My dear Marie, I am neither sufficiently rich to love you as I would wish nor sufficiently poor to be loved as you would wish. So let us forget, both of us - you a name to which you should be almost indifferent, I a happiness which has become impossible. There is no point in telling you how sad I am because you know already how much I love you. Goodbye, then. You have too much feeling not to understand the reason for my letter and too much intelligence not to forgive me for it. A thousand memories, A.D.

This letter (originally written in French, of course) compelled me to create my newest color story - Mille Souvenirs, in honor of Marie. Now let us all go out and create our own memories!

- Pink