Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TQB Designs - Holiday Show Schedule

Okay - Here's the skinny on where to buy TQB Designs - direct from me - over the holiday season here in Portland, OR:

1. IHRH (I Heart Indie Holidays) - at The Wonder Ballroom NE Russell. This is a one day show on Sunday December 2nd from 12 - 5pm. There will be about 30 artists showing their wares and it should be great!

2. da Vinici Arts Middle School - This is bound to be one of the best Holiday Shopping Events this year. It takes place at the fabulous Portland Public School that has a arts centric curriculum. It is a 2-day event starting Friday, December 7th from 4 - 8pm & Saturday, December 8th from 10am - 4pm. This is great opportunity to help out one of our public schools as well as the children that attend, since 20% of all the sales go directly back to the school! There will be quite a large selection of artists at this event, so plan on attending - think of it as an investment in our children.

3. Crafty Wonderland "Super Colossal Holiday Sale". Okay - this is the Super Bowl of Craft Fairs! This one brags over 100 artists attending, on two floors, at the Norse Hall on NE 11th. On Sunday, December 16th from 11am - 5pm, the 1st 200 shoppers will get a fabulous "goodie" bag, so show up early to get in line. This is really an event not to be missed and how can you resist!? It's all our favorite "Crafty" Vendors in one place at one time - you're sure to finish your lists up at this enormous event. Plus with FREE Admission, a kids craft table - and don't forge the FULL BAR. What's better than throwing back a few and shopping! So, get to this one - you won't regret it.

4. If you can't make it to any of my shows, remember that I have several locations within Portland and Seattle, as well as across the country, where you can purchase TQB Designs. Please refer to my earlier blog entry on where to find a location near you!

Thank you so much to everyone that has made TQB Designs so successful! You have all made it so worthwhile...

I wish everyone a Peaceful and Happy Holiday Season:)

- Pink

Monday, November 26, 2007

Here's where to buy the goods - for the Holidays and Year-Round

First I would like to thank all of those that have supported me this year, either with purchasing my work or with your kind words - all of it is so appreciated and keeps me going day after day! It really means so much to me...

Anyway, here is the skinny on where to buy TQB Designs for the Holiday Season. Of course, if you are in Portland, OR - you can always get my work at my "flagship" store - Noun: A Persons Place for Things, on SE Belmont. This is a fantastic shop! The owner, Stephanie, has such a great eye for the gently and beautifully used, as well as the contemporary new for your person or home decor. If you haven't been by Noun, well... what's taking you so long?! Also on the East side, you can shop at PedX. Not only can you buy my work, but you can get a fabulous handbag and shoes to go with it - take care of all your accessory needs!

You can also purchase my work, if you live on the West Side of Portland, at a lovely little store on Liar Hill on SW Corbett, called Zeug. Shawn, the owner, also has a great mix of kitch and contemporary items for you and your home. She also has a great selection of cards. Lastly in Portland, you can shop at Silverado on NW 23rd.

If you live in Seattle, please stop by the Seattle Art Museum gift store. I will have quite a large selection there as well.

And of course, if you are lucky enough to live in or visit Hawaii, specifically Kauai, then please check out Julia Holman's charming shop called "Nest". Painted a beautiful, serene blue inside, you can find fantastic handmade things.

Finally, if you live in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area, Sherrie and Samantha have a great little "indie" shop in White Bear Lake, called Truly... shop indie goodness.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Color Block - 11.09.2007

This is the month of harvest, abundance and giving thanks. I like to make it part of my morning, every day, to give thanks for my family and friends, a job that I absolutely love - what's better than making beautiful jewelry, and for really good 70% cocoa dark chocolate!

I believe that giving thanks, not only on that special day in November with your family, but everyday, will give you a much more positive outlook on life and bring you the things you most wish to happen. I give thanks for the good in people and some of the amazing things that people create in this world. Take a look around you and see the amazing things that others may do. Even if it's just buying lunch for someone who needs a little help; someone who is down on their luck. Though I don't have much, it makes me thankful that I'm not without a roof over my head!

This is definitely the seasons for giving - and I hope that you are giving handmade! The quality of a handmade gift isn't just in the item, but it's also in the anticipation. I absolutely love giving a handmade gift because I just know that the receiver will appreciate that a woman in Scotland, who makes beautiful felted flowers, made this gorgeous pin. I gave this one to my mother for her birthday, and she wears it on her coat everyday! People really care for handmade gifts so much more I've noticed. I've had customers say that they actually keep jewelry purchased from me in a separate jewelry box so that it doesn't get tangled or broken from the other jewelry they have. What a compliment!

So here are the color blocks for November - beautiful, rich shades of golden browns, in such versatile shade. Doesn't brown go with everything? I love paring it with unexpected colors like chartreuse or hot pink.

I hope that everyone enjoys the fall season while it's here and Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone ! Whether its a real gobbler or Tofurkey, enjoy everyones company and give thanks!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Weather Wednesday - November 7, 2007

This November has been quite wonderful so far. We here in Portland have definitely been spoiled by the warm October weather, and the blue skies have seemed to continue into the early part of November. Because of this, flowers in my yard seem to be confused. I looked out my kitchen window to discover that pansies I planted in May have started to bloom - and quite aggressively too! I loved to see them reaching for the light under all the leaves from my very naked maple tree.

Truly beautiful. If you don't live in the Pacific Northwest, you don't know what you're missing. Yes we do get many grey days, but man, the blue ones so make up for it and for me I seem to get a form of weather amnesia with these beautiful blue skies. Never thinking about the seemingly endless days of grey in store for December - February...

Monday, November 5, 2007

A Little Change

As many of you may know by now, I sell my work in many fine stores and galleries across the country. Well, the time has come for me to match the prices of these stores with those pieces I carry in my Etsy Store. These fantastic retailers help to support me and my work by ordering large quantities and showcase my work in such beautiful style. I know that many of you will understand, with the rising cost of living expenses, not to mention the increased cost of making sterling silver jewelry, I must finally raise my prices starting November 12th on existing items in my Etsy Store.

Many of my retailers have looked the other way, for over a year now, at my slightly lower Etsy prices, but alas, I cannot continue this dis-service to them. My prices will go up slightly, anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00 on the pieces in my store.

In order to off-set this I can make it a little easier with shipping costs. Again, starting November 12th, all shipping within the the United States and Canada is free and "Everywhere Else" is reduced to $4.00. As anyone who has ordered from me knows I package my jewelry in a beautiful little gift box covered in a festive paper with a riveted wrap band, folded paper crane ornament and enclosure card. This addition to your purchase will never change. Even though you know what it is, I think it is always nice to get a "gift", even if it may be from yourself! Additionally, for the upcoming Holiday Season - please let me know in your "comments" after purchase if you will require a blank enclosure card for gift-giving purposes - I'm happy to include a blank one with your purchase.

So for all those loyal to my work, thank you so much for your understanding and I know that even with this little change, you all will continue to support me and my work, just as my retailers do. I thank you so much for that and for the personal contact I get from each an everyone of you - it really makes my work so much more personally fulfilling.

Have a Peaceful Holiday Season!
- Pink