Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 - A TQB Plan So Cunning You Can Brush Your Teeth With It...

...okay so it isn't exactly my words (Have any of you ever watched Rowan Atkinson in Black Adder)... Anyway, I do have some exciting plans for 2010.  I am developing new designs - actually started them this winter when I was in the midst of mania creating work for all my galleries.  I have "Stones & Bones" and "Hands & Hearts",  I have "Skulls" and "Flowers".  Seems to be a yin-yang thing going on with me right now.  Anyway, did I say I was excited already?

I will also reveal some new colors - these are some of the hot colors for the Spring:  oyster, delphinium, windward, nautical, and avocado.  I'm also bringing back some of my older colors making them new again:  cherub, hot pink, dill flower, and flame.   Of course I will have new color stories titled:  "As You Like It", "Hadrian's Wall" and "Cafe de Nuit".  All these inspired combinations are a direct result of my experiences and imagination: of the past - history if you will - and what I believe these stories, people, and places would convey if told with color. 

I would also like to let you all now that I am planning on doing more shows this summer (if the juries allow of course) in the Mid-West.  I so enjoyed doing the 2009 Mid-Summer Festival of the Arts in Sheboygan, Wisconsin at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.  I will be back there again this year and hope to get accepted into some shows in Michigan, others in Wisconsin and Minnesota before the summer is over.  I'll keep you posted on those developments.

On the flip side, because the bulk of my show time will be in the Summer, for those of you that live here/near Portland, OR, so far I don't have any plans to do shows until the Fall, so look for my work with my Retailers.  My first show for 2010 will be Art in the Burbs in Tigard - late October.  I will do one more show in December, but haven't decided which it will be.  I am trying to focus on my fantastic retailers more this year in order to get them fresh work more often.  They are tremendous and extremely loyal and I want to treat them right!  I have retailers in Charlotte, NC, Chicago, Il, Seattle & Olympia, WA and 2 in Portland, OR.

I also want to treat my Etsy customers better.  This last year was crazy-good for me on Etsy.  At one point I had 22 special orders between September and December and I wasn't able to list any new work.  I know that many of you were counting on me to list some new things in order to shop for the Holidays.  Without doing shows in the Spring, I will be able to make/stockpile more beaded rounds and therefore make more work to list in my Etsy store for your shopping pleasure.  Thank you so much to all of you that were sooo patience with me last year.  Your support continues to make my jewelry a success!

All that said, I hope that everyone had a fantastic 2009 and are looking forward to a fresh start with 2010.  I know I am.  And remember, as Coco Chanel said:  "The best color in the whole world in the one that looks good on you."  I hope I create that color for you...

- Pink