Friday, August 3, 2007

Color Block Friday 2007.08.03 - Who Likes Blue? Raise your hand...

In honor of the blue skies of Portland, OR where I live, I am showcasing blue this month - the month of my birth! Yes, I will officially be one year older, perhaps wiser, and always different. I know that most people like to celebrate the New Year with resolutions - but I reserve mine for my birthday. What do I want to do in my next year of live? What goals have I attained or do I want to make new ones? Definitely time for a list.

But, for now, I am going to celebrate BLUE. It's such a soothing color. We often associate blue with water and sky - but what of other associations?
What would we do if we didn't have that something blue for our wedding day? Or the wild forget-me-nots your kids like to pick and leave on your porch? And let's not forget some of our favorite gemstones: sapphires, turquoise, apetite, london blue topaz, and my favorite: the rare of rare indicolite or indigolith (pure blue tourmaline).

So, if you think of other blue things you want to share feel free. A favorite toy from childhood, or maybe you're painting a room in your house?

Here are the blues in my repertoire. There are so many, since it is one of my favorite colors (in fact I don't think I have a favorite color anymore - much too hard to choose). I currently have 12 shades: baby bird, sky, faded denim, jet stream, sleeping beauty, turquoise, ocean, little boy blue, peacock, tourmaline, indigo, and midnight - whew! ... and I'm always looking for more.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

This is Not a Toy! Says Who?

Okay. We all have a favorite tool. But, what are the cautions associate with them. Share your favorite...I'm sure we'll all get a chuckle. Mine is definitely on my tumbler and my computer keyboard: "Use of a keyboard or mouse may be linked to serious injuries or disorders. Well... I think I'm way past the serious disorder warning...
I actually think I've hurt myself more with my hammer than anything else. Longfellow is my witness.

So, with my toy, I make dull metal objects shiny - for those of you with tumblers you'll understand that it is always a surprise, even though I know how it will look - it's still like opening a present. Anyway, I have been able to use my tumbler more with my new MetalWorks series (and because I just want to make shiny pieces instead of brushed. Fickle) - here's a sneak peek (and some parts for my bead line too...):

With all this new work going on I am managing to fit in some very Special Orders for customers.

It's always great to make something very specific for someone, but the thing I love so much about making jewelry is people wear it in their everyday life; it goes with them when decisions are made!

So in the end, I'm trying to keep my fingers clear of the wheel, hammer, pliers, but I can't stay away from the keyboard... lost cause.

- Pink

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Weather Wednesday - August 1st

It's sunny today... working outside, tumbling. No, not me... jewelry parts. See what I made...

I've been crazy busy with special orders as well as orders for local stores that sell my work. My newest retailer is: PedX - Shoe Shangri- La in the Alberta Arts District. Check out their fantastic shoe inventory! The owner has a great selection of purses and wallets too - and of course, I think, the best time visit Alberta is Last Thursday. The August event should be fabulous - since the weather is so fine this time of year! My work should be in the store then too - and if you see it let me know what you think.

Anyway - since this is "Weather Wednesday", let's get at it - yes, it is another gorgeous day in the Pacific NW and I'm so happy to share it with you - wherever you may be. My favorite flowers are blooming (and the bees are loving it). The sky is blue above my huge Maple tree.

My cat is saying "Hi" (H.W. Longfellow - but I just call him Longfellow) and the sun is filtering into my garden, ...unfortunately my hostas are fading now.

Hope the weather is what you want, and at the end of August I'll be aching for RAIN!

Longfellow says "It's too hot! Can I come in and get a drink from the bathtub faucet?"