Thursday, August 2, 2007

This is Not a Toy! Says Who?

Okay. We all have a favorite tool. But, what are the cautions associate with them. Share your favorite...I'm sure we'll all get a chuckle. Mine is definitely on my tumbler and my computer keyboard: "Use of a keyboard or mouse may be linked to serious injuries or disorders. Well... I think I'm way past the serious disorder warning...
I actually think I've hurt myself more with my hammer than anything else. Longfellow is my witness.

So, with my toy, I make dull metal objects shiny - for those of you with tumblers you'll understand that it is always a surprise, even though I know how it will look - it's still like opening a present. Anyway, I have been able to use my tumbler more with my new MetalWorks series (and because I just want to make shiny pieces instead of brushed. Fickle) - here's a sneak peek (and some parts for my bead line too...):

With all this new work going on I am managing to fit in some very Special Orders for customers.

It's always great to make something very specific for someone, but the thing I love so much about making jewelry is people wear it in their everyday life; it goes with them when decisions are made!

So in the end, I'm trying to keep my fingers clear of the wheel, hammer, pliers, but I can't stay away from the keyboard... lost cause.

- Pink

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