Monday, November 22, 2010

TQB Designs Trunk Show at Noun: A Persons Place for Things

Yes, that's right after four years of carrying my work and what I consider to be my "flagship" retailer location (you can always find my work here).. Stephanie, the owner of Noun and I got together and decided that a trunk show of my work would happen this Holiday Season.

Come on down to Noun, on SE 33rd and SE Belmont.  Here are the dates and times I'll be there.... :

Noun:  A Persons Place for Things
3300 Southeast Belmont Street 
Portland, OR  97214 

Trunk Show dates:  December 4th and 5th  from 12 - 5 & 12 - 4  (unless I'm busy I may be able to stay later)...

I will have loads of new colors and my new "Universe" collection with my Waxing-Waning earrings, and Comet Necklace, along with my "Branching" series - all newly made especially for this holiday season and this trunk show.  I will also have some of your favorite color stories like "Oaxaca" along with one of my newest and most popular "The Fall of Icarus", as well as some of my older favorite designs you know and love.

Come down and say Hi - can't wait to see you!

- Pink

Sunday, November 14, 2010

TQB Designs on Artful Home

Over the summer I was approached by the people at Artful Home.  If you don't know about this art selling site... well, it really is worth a visit.  This is a site with some of the most beautiful and finely crafted art anywhere.  And they asked me to be part of this!  I'm very excited to have my own section within the site itself and if you decide to purchase a piece from me from this site you can get a small discount.  

Here's how:  enter my code TQBDESIGNS when checking out and you can take 5% off your entire shopping cart purchases.  It's that easy.  

I have a limited number of items listed and these will not be available anywhere on-line but through Artful Home. 

Thanks again for all the support of my customers and I hope that you have a fantastic holiday season:)

- Pink 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Copy, Copy, Copy - my sincerest catalyst for change.

Okay, so after years of making some of my original designs I have decided instead of being upset about being copied I would just move on and be creative and come up with new and more inspiring creations.  This is one of my most copied designs on record - my "Pin-Dot Earring".  I can't tell you how often I find it on Etsy and on Flicker being copied... makes me feel - well... actually inspiring.  Moving on already:)

I find it to be a great catalyst when a design of my becomes common-place.  I'm sure that many of you fellow artists can relate to this since I'm sure that it is a common phenomenon.  What do you do?  Use that energy to come up with something fantastically creative.  You will feel so much better about what you do instead of living in the past with an old design.  Time to move on:)   Good for you!

- Pink

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where do you go first? 40 Directions...

I know many of you have been wondering where I have been.  As everyone can probably understand, life can slip you some unexpected turns and twists and mine is in the midst of just now beginning to settle back into a routine.

My summer was extremely busy what with 4 summer shows in the Mid-West.  All of them very successful beyond my expectations.   I had a great time, but as anyone knows who does this type of thing, it really isn't a vacation.  In order to save on money my husband and I drove to all my show with all of my equipment, from Portland, Oregon PACKED into our Volvo, along with two kids and two dogs (our Rat Terrier - Daisy and our Jack Russel - Rosie)...phew!  I have to say it was an adventure.  Jason is the best - he did most of the driving so that I could make beads from my tray on my lap.  I had to make beads between shows as I ran out of certain color combinations and at each rest stop I would count how many I made in a sort of competition with myself and the miles yet to travel.

I did two shows in Wisconsin.  Wisconsin, you say... yes, I love Wisconsin.  It is truly a beautiful state and Madison has the most amazing capital building.  This Art in the Square show was crazy - at the end of the second day a major thunderstorm moved in and because I am used to the temperate weather in Portland, Oregon, I thought that my tent was perfectly suited for any city, weather, etc.  Well, I was wrong.  Mid-west weather requires a much more durable tent... so, next summer when I go back a re-purchase will have to be made.  At one point Jason and I were hanging on the tent in hopes that it wouldn't fly away!

I also love Sheyboygan, Wisconsin.  If you don't know where that it, well its about a 3 1/2 hour drive north (depending on the traffic) of Chicago, on the shores of Lake Michigan.  It is during their Summer Festival this year that I experienced my first tornado.  Yes, tornado.  The sirens went off and everything - but the locals seemed unfazed by it, letting me know that tornados never come to Sheboygan because of its close proximity to the water.  Needless-to-say, I was rapidly throwing jewelry into a bag while people are running past and into the Art Center building.  In the end the locals were right.  The tornado didn't come 'close' to Sheboygan... it hit three miles outside the town.  And my knees were jello the whole time afterward!

We did find time after Sheboygan to get down to Milwaukee to the Harley-Davidson Museum.  I had been wanting to go there for Years and it was absolutely fantastic.  I wasn't sure how the kids would like it but they had the best time... go figure!  It really is a great place for them, sitting an some of the motorcycles, listening to engines, playing some of the games, looking at all the crazy styles - they even had one of Elvis' motorcycle.

So, with more shows after that, by the time I got home all I wanted to to do was relax and never get in the car again!  It took me a few weeks to re-group and get back to things by mid-September.  So, my daughter started high school and my son started 2nd grade.  Also, my father's cancer is progressing and I needed to help my mother out there since I had been gone for so many months.  He is holding his own right now I'm happy to say:)

After my summer adventure, and a much depleted jewelry stock, as well as being pulled in 40 directions - Etsy and even some of my retailers are suffering the consequences of my busy schedule.  As of November, I now have a new routine and some new retailers as well, and I'm back to work on Etsy and finally feel mostly caught up.

Thank you so much - everyone for all your thoughts and best wishes... my work is a success because of you.

- Pink