Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Heart Bead Weaving (a.k.a: I need more time)

Many of you may have seen my newest Masterpiece: Knotted Dots Necklace in "Cote d'Azur". I have to say it was hard to part with this beauty - but, decided to share the joy of it with everyone. There is so much care and attention in this one necklace. It isn't often that I get time to make such a piece (and the reason they are always made in limited quantities). The trick to these is finding the time in my busy schedule to make them.

There is something to be said about sitting down and weaving one of my largest beads. At 25mm (once finished it is 1.125"), I have to have some time to revel in the repetition. It is my meditation. It takes me almost 4 hours to make this center-most bead - in this necklace with a total of 23 beads.

So, I posted my Masterpiece, (this project I have been anticipating for many, many, many months), in my Esty store. There will be more of these of course. I am challenging myself to get one more in my store before the holiday on-slot. But, time is getting away from me with all my special orders, wholesale orders and upcoming shows for September, October and December.

I want to send a big Thank you to ALL my customers and supporters of my work while I am still in a state of calm before the storm ... I love what I do and you make it all worthwhile:)

- Pink

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Great Event it was not - an expensive lesson to learn...

I'm not usually one to whine - however, I have now experienced my first Total Bomb for a show. The Taste of Tanasbourne was far and away the worst show experience I have ever had. After two of the three days I sold only 1 item. It was discussed with the "people in charge" if you don't want to show up on Sunday - you don't have to. Well... needless to say - I won't be attending the show on Sunday - just incase any of my Portland customers plan on attending - I won't be there:)

The show grounds were extremely disconcerting. It was a minefield of mole holes, mouse pits, and DIRT. Everything in my booth was covered in a fine coating of DIRT - yuck! And, due to the terrain it wasn't wheelchair or stroller friendly. There was a lack of signage to direct people to the show and it was BEHIND a major shopping area - no one knew it was there.

If it were up to me I would never have charge admission either - the entire event should have been FREE:)

So, lessons learned. I will be better at my research when doing an outdoor event next summer - and I am looking forward to my next 2 shows in October that are inside!

- Pink

Monday, August 11, 2008

Taste of Tanasbourne - August 15th - 17th, 2008

Now that the weekend is over and it's Monday again - I'm sure you're planning for the next weekend already - yes!? Well... I will be showing my work at the "Taste of Tanasbourne" in Hillsboro, and it looks to be a great event.

I will be showcasing some of my newest color stories for the summer (my newest favorite piece is my large hoop earrings in Sunset Blvd)! I hope that all in the Portland area can make it out to see me. It will be three days of music, food and art all in one place and all outdoors so that you can enjoy the beautiful summer weather!

The organizers of this show have also provided a discount to all those that know about someone showing there - so download your coupon for a reduced entrance fee!

Of course with all this fantastic summer weather here in the Pacific Northwest, I am constantly inspired to create new color stories or seek out new colors when I can. I have been working with these tiny seed beads for over 10 years so, it can be difficult to find new colors that I want to use in my work... but, I always seem to find them - or perhaps they find me... I'm not sure after all this time...

So my newest blues are (from bottom to top) "cloud", "tidal", "delphinium", and a soft, matte finish green called "clover". I also found some new warm tones (from bottom to top): "apricot", "green tea" and "dandelion" - I can't wait to make some of these gorgeous yellow beads! It took me awhile to find this opaque and shiny finish yellow - a truly saturated color.

Anyway, thank you to ALL my customers - I couldn't do this without you - and I hope to see many of my Portland regulars there... I hope you enjoy your summer no matter where you are or what you're doing! I know I am!

- Pink