Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Heart Bead Weaving (a.k.a: I need more time)

Many of you may have seen my newest Masterpiece: Knotted Dots Necklace in "Cote d'Azur". I have to say it was hard to part with this beauty - but, decided to share the joy of it with everyone. There is so much care and attention in this one necklace. It isn't often that I get time to make such a piece (and the reason they are always made in limited quantities). The trick to these is finding the time in my busy schedule to make them.

There is something to be said about sitting down and weaving one of my largest beads. At 25mm (once finished it is 1.125"), I have to have some time to revel in the repetition. It is my meditation. It takes me almost 4 hours to make this center-most bead - in this necklace with a total of 23 beads.

So, I posted my Masterpiece, (this project I have been anticipating for many, many, many months), in my Esty store. There will be more of these of course. I am challenging myself to get one more in my store before the holiday on-slot. But, time is getting away from me with all my special orders, wholesale orders and upcoming shows for September, October and December.

I want to send a big Thank you to ALL my customers and supporters of my work while I am still in a state of calm before the storm ... I love what I do and you make it all worthwhile:)

- Pink

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Christina said...

That is amazing! You have such a great eye for color.