Saturday, November 13, 2010

Copy, Copy, Copy - my sincerest catalyst for change.

Okay, so after years of making some of my original designs I have decided instead of being upset about being copied I would just move on and be creative and come up with new and more inspiring creations.  This is one of my most copied designs on record - my "Pin-Dot Earring".  I can't tell you how often I find it on Etsy and on Flicker being copied... makes me feel - well... actually inspiring.  Moving on already:)

I find it to be a great catalyst when a design of my becomes common-place.  I'm sure that many of you fellow artists can relate to this since I'm sure that it is a common phenomenon.  What do you do?  Use that energy to come up with something fantastically creative.  You will feel so much better about what you do instead of living in the past with an old design.  Time to move on:)   Good for you!

- Pink


Janet Bocciardi said...

At first some anger for sure, but quickly let go, as I know from looking through all my historical jewelry books and stuff that there's very little that hasn't been done before. It keeps me humble.

The internet made the copying outright viral. If you want to sell online I think you have to constantly be growing or at least changing. You have to expect (sadly I might add) that if it's using materials readily available and a process that is easily figured out AND you're selling a lot - you're going to get copied. Price of success? In a world I'd like - no, but personal ethics seem to be pretty low these days.

Folks that copy knowing they're copying are not going to create something as beautiful and unique as someone who orginated it. They can't be, because they're not creating from their heart and mind.

Also, I think as consumers we need to save up for the original instead of buying the cheaper version.

Just some random thoughts. Your work is beautiful and I can't wait to see where you take yourself!

bonbons * bijoux said...

Dearest Pink-

As a jewelry artisan myself, every single time I read about the copying of an artisan work I adore, ( YOU) , I feel upset as well.

Etsy is such an amazing site. I really love it, however, the rampant copying by other designers on this site is disturbing. It's such a catch 22 because it opens up an amazing market both for designer and buyer but also the best place for copycats to land!

I wonder if once there are enough copycat designs then designers just think it's part of a new global trend so it's okay to jump on the band wagon?

The ORIGINAL work is so clearly visible!
The process involved with each creation is time-consuming and bears with it our personal mark.
Each time I see a copy I find it never looks as fine or intriguing as the original.
There is always much lacking- that is, the heart and soul of the original artisan.

I adore your work. I look forward to following your journey for years to come.
I'm so glad I found you!