Monday, November 5, 2007

A Little Change

As many of you may know by now, I sell my work in many fine stores and galleries across the country. Well, the time has come for me to match the prices of these stores with those pieces I carry in my Etsy Store. These fantastic retailers help to support me and my work by ordering large quantities and showcase my work in such beautiful style. I know that many of you will understand, with the rising cost of living expenses, not to mention the increased cost of making sterling silver jewelry, I must finally raise my prices starting November 12th on existing items in my Etsy Store.

Many of my retailers have looked the other way, for over a year now, at my slightly lower Etsy prices, but alas, I cannot continue this dis-service to them. My prices will go up slightly, anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00 on the pieces in my store.

In order to off-set this I can make it a little easier with shipping costs. Again, starting November 12th, all shipping within the the United States and Canada is free and "Everywhere Else" is reduced to $4.00. As anyone who has ordered from me knows I package my jewelry in a beautiful little gift box covered in a festive paper with a riveted wrap band, folded paper crane ornament and enclosure card. This addition to your purchase will never change. Even though you know what it is, I think it is always nice to get a "gift", even if it may be from yourself! Additionally, for the upcoming Holiday Season - please let me know in your "comments" after purchase if you will require a blank enclosure card for gift-giving purposes - I'm happy to include a blank one with your purchase.

So for all those loyal to my work, thank you so much for your understanding and I know that even with this little change, you all will continue to support me and my work, just as my retailers do. I thank you so much for that and for the personal contact I get from each an everyone of you - it really makes my work so much more personally fulfilling.

Have a Peaceful Holiday Season!
- Pink


Carol Emma said...

Your work is gorgeous and worth any price you feel is fair. We try to be fair to our customers and sometimes end up not being fair to ourselves.
I too am hoping my retailers will "look the other way" while I get my footing on Etsy. But the more people who step up on Etsy and set their prices realistically, the better the venue will be for all of us.
Thanks for being taking this step. I wish you well.

TQB Designs said...

Thanks so much Carol!:) I have to say my retailers have been great and have my individual customers though Etsy about this. Your support and understanding is so appreciated! Best to you and your store - your work is really lovely:)