Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Color Block - 11.09.2007

This is the month of harvest, abundance and giving thanks. I like to make it part of my morning, every day, to give thanks for my family and friends, a job that I absolutely love - what's better than making beautiful jewelry, and for really good 70% cocoa dark chocolate!

I believe that giving thanks, not only on that special day in November with your family, but everyday, will give you a much more positive outlook on life and bring you the things you most wish to happen. I give thanks for the good in people and some of the amazing things that people create in this world. Take a look around you and see the amazing things that others may do. Even if it's just buying lunch for someone who needs a little help; someone who is down on their luck. Though I don't have much, it makes me thankful that I'm not without a roof over my head!

This is definitely the seasons for giving - and I hope that you are giving handmade! The quality of a handmade gift isn't just in the item, but it's also in the anticipation. I absolutely love giving a handmade gift because I just know that the receiver will appreciate that a woman in Scotland, who makes beautiful felted flowers, made this gorgeous pin. I gave this one to my mother for her birthday, and she wears it on her coat everyday! People really care for handmade gifts so much more I've noticed. I've had customers say that they actually keep jewelry purchased from me in a separate jewelry box so that it doesn't get tangled or broken from the other jewelry they have. What a compliment!

So here are the color blocks for November - beautiful, rich shades of golden browns, in such versatile shade. Doesn't brown go with everything? I love paring it with unexpected colors like chartreuse or hot pink.

I hope that everyone enjoys the fall season while it's here and Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone ! Whether its a real gobbler or Tofurkey, enjoy everyones company and give thanks!



Pencio said...


Your BB are so wonderful

Ayang Cempaka said...

hello! i 'found' you in etsy. ur works are beautiful!!! love them so much!


Teddyheart said...

Whaouhhh I'm impressed by your website : so elegant, so gorgeous !!!
Sabella on IAP Forum indicated your website... and she is right ... it's wonderful
I feel like a child during Christmas... and I falled in love with your beaded beads : so chic so elegant !!!.. and the choice of the colors.... so... I have no word !
Thank you so much for all this elegance !!!!
I will be back asap !!!!!...

superkitina said...

ooh wow! amazing colours, and amazing composition.
i'm trying to learn to do that beaded beads

superkitina said...

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