Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's a girl to do....?

As some of you may understand - I make each and every beaded round, oval, saucer and square in my collection - as well as 95 % of the metal work - soooo that's alota hours. I work between 10-14 hours/day in my creative processes - how 'bout you?

So... it has been up a bit with my upcoming show: Rebel Rabbit Craft Fair: Get Your Craft On! Don't forget, if you are in the Portland, OR area on July 29th - it's at the hipbone studios on E. Burnside from 11am - 4pm. I'll be there with lots-o-new work! Including some items from my new Continuous and Metalworks line.

Also, if you have been following me and this small bit of drama you will notice an improvement since 2 weeks ago on the work bench. Let's face it - don't we all think more clearly with an organized surrounding?
How's your work space looking?

I would also like to take a moment and thank all my customers for such great sales, so far, this summer! To date this has been TQB's best year yet! Thank you all!... see still working (happily)!

Also, if you noticed the necklace I'm wearing - it is all part of a new line of jewelry: "Continuous". The design is created from one piece of wire. You will have noticed a few pieces of it already: My heart pendant and the "pin dot" earrings, if you've been shopping on my Etsy site.

I also want to announce, due to great demand on the part of my customers, that I will be coming out with a line of jewelry without my beaded rounds: Metalworks. It will consist solely of my metal work. I'm very excited about this and hope you visit my Etsy site around mid August to see the first pieces up. They will be clean, simple, modern - very much like the beaded round collection - but with a few surprises too...

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