Monday, July 2, 2007

For those of you not familiar with ihr - well you're in for a great treat! If you live in the Pacific Northwest then you will be able to see any one of three... yes three, holiday shows this winter. ihr is expected to have one in Northern Washington, Seattle, and Portland.

To familiarized yourself with this fantastic indie organization, view the youtube linked logo and see for yourself how great it is to be part of this group!

Also, for those of you still searching for a holiday show to join as a vendor, just go to the ihr website for details, or send them an email and let them know you are interested!
**clockwise: Cheyanne, me, Anna, Cassandra** - Cheyanne took this great group shot of us while they were all visiting from Seattle and touring Crafty Wonderland in Portland! Thanks all - I had a great time!

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