Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Weather Wednesday - July 4th, 2007

Most people, I gather, are familiar with the weather patterns of the Pacific Northwest: wet. Well, I'm one to say that I love the weather here. It's temperate and mild and it's what keeps everything green - especially my garden. I don't have to water much in the summer, except August and early September when it's dry. But, when it's sunny it's beautiful!

But lets face it... I'm not really happy unless I'm working on my jewelry... really! So here are my 4 steps to a successful 4th:

Step 1: Notice the outdoors. It's an absolutely beautiful day... much too beautiful to be stuck in a basement studio. Go outside!

Step 2: Gather supplies. What would I do with out my trusty travel table. A hunk of beeswax, measuring tape, colored markers, beads... what more do I need?

Step 3: A place to sit. Definitely. I know its not your ordinary patio chair, but when was I ordinary? Everyone should have a fuschia slipper chair while working.

Step 4: Look content. Heck even happy! As you can see I am now.

So, if you want to see the rest of the week's forcast for those that don't live here in Portland, check it out. I hope you liked the snapshot view from where I live... it's been a fantastic day!
...and, until next week, keep your feet dry and your head in the clouds.*cheesy wink*

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