Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Esty Artist Feature - Anna Ruby King

Okay, I have to say that I didn't actually find this artist - she found me! Anna (of annrubyking), had put me in some her Treasuries and since then I have loved here work - of course, all things tiny fascinate me! I fell in love with these miniature birds made from fabric. She then places them strategically on a card with a clever theme - this one is "The Seedeaters", and sells them in a set of two for $11.50 (what a great price for all that work)!

Anna says that her work is inspired by all sorts of things especially, scientific drawings, diagrams, maps, illustrations and finally her great love for fabric. I absolutely love the cards she makes with the fabric. Such an original way to "color in" the image - whether it's chickens, horses or just a block background (this one is "Fabric Squares - Japanese Red and Blue" that sells in a set of two cards for $12.00) - it really is outstanding! I can't wait to buy some of her cards!

Her store is also full of the most marvelous and whimsical bird art. She does Original, ACEO and Gocco. Her central theme covers all aspects of birds (some flightless and some looking for nesting materials). This ACEO original has birds taking a shopping trip to look for that perfect wedding gift (this is "The Walking Birds White" one sells for $7.50).

So, take some time to check out her store - you'll never know what you may learn about birds - some may break out in song!

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