Friday, March 14, 2008

Color Block Friday - Luck O' the Irish - 2008.03.14

...and I don't even have a smidgen of Irish in me... But, how could I resist but to do Green for the Spring Season selection Color Block! Green is renewing, fresh, and representative of new growth, not to mention St. Patrick.

St. Patrick was credited with driving the snakes from Ireland (an early version of Samuel L. Jackson with "Snakes on a Plane"). St. Patrick's day came from his original Christian Feast Day (also may have also been the date of his death in 1737). When Irish immigrants came to American they started to celebrate this day, first in Boston, and then with the first St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City in 1766 (The History Channel).

Now that the history lesson is over (okay, I'm a history geek, I admit it), let's get on with the colors. I love green. I also have over 10 selections of green in my bead collection. Crazy I know but, I sometimes have a difficult time thinking up a color collection without adding some green.

With a fantastic selection of green in my Etsy Store - take some time to check out my newest earring design, made with cilantro - "Chained Earrings". These have a great, contemporary feel, especially with the long ear wire to balance out the chain dangle. I also have some new bracelets and necklaces in this mighty shade!

I think the bottom most images here has the best views of all my green shades and here's the list - starting clockwise from the top left: wasabi, vine, mint, granny smith, dill flower, pine, emerald, chartreuse, leaf, cilantro, olive, sage - 12 in all.

So get your green on this Spring!


Anonymous said...
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Destello said...

Oooo - it's green and Irish and I love it!!


Annie said...

gorgeous! I love the ladder and caged necklace in your shop, but the knotted bracelets are still my fave :)

Anonymous said...
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Smadar's Treasure said...

I love your work and style as weel as your color choises! :)