Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Etsy Artist Feature - Little Put Books

There are so many great artists on Etsy - it begs the cliche´ "So many artists... so little time..." I have to say that Ryan of Little Put Books is definitely one of those great artists and so much more. She creates these beautiful little pendants made from scrabble tiles (selling ffrom $11 - $15) - underneath all that beautiful paper and images is a common ordinary scrabble tile - remarkable! She also carries in her store: accordion books ( 3 for $14), journals ($18 - $28), magnet sets (4 for $12), etc... all with lovely paper and an attention to details.

On top of that she had a remarkable blog called "All Things Littleput". It gives much need advice to fellow Etysians that are just starting out or to those that need an added push when they feel like giving up. It is an invaluable source of ideas and inspirations not to be missed.

You can find her pendants in almost any theme or color theme - a truly unique gift at a great price! I am really partial to her "Looking Glass" series. These are photos that Ryan has taken and miniaturized. I love photography and it is impressive that Ryan has developed her photos to be tiny works of art around your neck - fantastic!

So check out Ryan's store - you won't want to miss any of her new work!


littleputbooks said...

Aw thanks Lisa! What a wonderful compliment to find my work here today.

(I'm all beamy)

Bridget B. said...

Your work is really lovely - and it's also so nice to see you feature other Etsyans on your own blog! How cool! (and Little Put *is* pretty awesome)