Friday, March 28, 2008

Color Block Friday: What's in a Word? - 2008.03.28

Now, since I've been making these beads the most common likeness people use is berries. I love this, mainly because I could exist on berries everyday for the rest of my life! Okay, well... maybe not everyday but, you know what I mean. Organics, things in nature, etc... inspire me in what I do and how I work. Even the smallest phrase; collection of words, can bring about a different point of view with what I do. I take words very seriously...

For instance, take my newest color story "Bryant Park". I think of a big city with all its diversions. Cement, trees, colors of purple and gold - like royalty. This was my inspiration for this particular color story. Earlier this month I highlighted one of my newest colors "Crocus" in a gorgeous flowery shade of purple. I wanted to stay on the purple path and continue with Bryant Park by highlighting the other purple in that series: Mulberry.

This brings us back to the berry likeness. I can remember my earliest memory of my beads and how someone wanted me to make a bowl full and eat them like berries. Of course, in the early days, I didn't see this. Now, I wish I could remember who it was that gave me this image of organic delight. I now see my beads hanging from every tree, shrub and exotic plant. They are little pods, berries, and seeds. Droplets of water that glisten. Or, honey ladened buds of gold.

Next month I will have a new color story featuring some shades not yet used. 1st Friday in April... check it out!

xo - Pink

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Rachel @ REvangeline Designs said...

I thought I hated purple until I laid my eyes on "crocus". Your jewelry makes me keep my mind open to color.