Friday, March 7, 2008

Color Block Friday - Crocus & a Walk

I know that in the past I have featured color groups: whites, browns, yellows, etc... but I was thinking... I would like to change things up a little bit. The groupings will still be in the mix, and I will showcase those once a season - look for the Spring Color grouping this month but, this week I am featuring an individual color. It is one of the more interesting colors in my collection. I am focusing on a new color(s) for the season each month - usually the color(s) that gets the most attention. And why not start with Spring!

I plan on working it like this: it could be one or four different colors each Friday - just depends on how busy I am. I will give you my inspiration with each color(s) that way I can share a little about the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The images will be taken from my neighborhood or beyond, but always in the PNW. Frankly, I wouldn't live anywhere else... well... let me give that some thought. But, for now I love where I live.

This last week I took a walk to my very favorite place to get coffee "Albina Press" on N. Albina. It is right off the Mississippi Neighborhood. I love Mississippi - especially "Pistil Nursery" this time of year: they have baby chicks and they are sooooo cute! I just love visiting them... Anyway, this is THE place for coffee in Portland, I think. The baristas are so good that they are sent to National competitions and often win or place! Not only do they have great coffee, but they also take the time to display the work of a local artist on their walls - so great! This is such a lovely place, with large windows in the front to let in tons of light (we crave it here in the PNW), and they have free wi-fi too. So bring your laptop, have a cup-o-joe and relax... it's definitely worth a trip. After my cup-o, on the walk home, I found these beautiful blooming crocus' and just couldn't resist the inspiration, the newness, the fresh flower feel from them - hey it's Spring!

So, as you many have guessed form the hint above, I am featuring "Crocus". I absolutely love this color! Really, to be honest, I've had this color in my repertoire for many years, and have sold it at some of my local retailers but the fact is... I have a hard time with purples. Not because I don't like the color, although, I do think it tends to have some problems getting along with the other colors in the
sandbox. But, because I just haven't wanted to battle that battle.

When incorporating it with other shades it was always so forced and I was never happy with the turnout.
However, with some time away (almost a year) and a little
patience, I think I may have a handle on this purple thing now and will feature my newest color collection "Bryant Park" over the next few days. I feel so accomplished!


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