Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Weather Wednesday - Yeah... now it's sunny!

Okay... the no.1 complaint I've heard here in Portland this summer is that "WE HAD NO SUMMER!". Now, I know that everyone expects blue skies and 80+ degrees, but with September upon us and summer coming to a close, we can still enjoy the beautiful clear skies and the somewhat warm nights (well... yes... you do need a sweater, who am I kidding).

Our September weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the 70 - 72 degree days and the crisp evenings. The leaves are starting to change already - check out my dogwood tree... aren't the leaves absolutely gorgeous?! The skies in the fall seem so much bluer and the morning air takes me back to my school days - ah, school days. They seemed so difficult and full of drama: History of China was so alien to me at the time, and I loved my History of Women class (yes, I was a history major), but I had to drop my Anthropology class - the professor and I just couldn't agree...

I am mourning the last of my flowers to bloom this summer... and I will have a few blooming into early fall - but my abundance has gone until Spring when the first snowdrops appear.

Until next month - enjoy the warm weather and flowers while it lasts...

- Pink

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