Friday, September 21, 2007

Color Block Friday - 2007.09.21

First off - yes, I know, it is supposed to be "First Friday Color Block", but since I had quite a back log of orders, I thought I should take care of my customers before getting back to my blog - and I have missed it. See... look how intently I am typing this blog entry!

Anyway, as you know by now, Color Block Friday features a specific sampling of the TQB Designs color palate. This month I will take a look at what's hot for the coming 2007 - 2008 Fall/Winter season, and give you some food for thought (in the color realm).

This month has "New York Fashion Week", and I am so often inspired by what I see and so look forward to the new styles that surface. I get so much inspiration from the fabrics, shapes, textures, and just the energy that goes into this semi-annual event! So for all those color junkies, like me, check out the designers and see what they are creating... believe me it is quite inspiring! With all the new fashions and colors (according to Pantone as well) how can I keep from creating fantastic new designs and color combinations. You can also view the shows from last February 2007 - these showcase fashions and colors for this coming fall and decide for yourself what you like. At any rate, it's just supposed to be fun!

So, with that said, I want to give you my predictions for the best of the 2007 - 2008 Fall/Winter season as far my colors are concerned. Tangerine was hot this summer and I predict, with the addition of some deep reds, golden browns, caramels, deep pinks and greens that it will continue into fall. Also, combining my browns with champagne, and pearl, with a hit of any of my juicy berry shades, will be hot! I will also combine many of my whites to create a "winter coat" effect - besides, what's more chic than white no matter the season!
Also combining my strongest pink "nude" with black, smoke and pewter will bring in the metallic that continues to be strong. Gold is the color to have in your wardrobe this fall, and I will feature my muted gold "dijon" heavily this fall/winter, since it goes so well with reds and oranges, as on my new "Wishes" necklace.
Additionally, the one piece everyone should have this fall is a "Statement Necklace". Set aside the jewelry you need a magnifying glass to see - this fall and it's all about bold! Check out my Large Horseshoe Necklace (featured here in poppy), as well as my Giant Beaded Rounds! Big is in and tiny... well, save that for those hot summer days of 2008. You can also create that statement by layering necklaces. Mine work so well for that and I had more than one customer this summer purchase many to wear together: one layered the Sphere necklace in chartreuse ( I currently have one in "ocean" in my Etsy store) with the Petal Drop necklace in raspberry and another layered two of my Giant Beaded Rounds: one in wasabi and the other in maraschino - both fantastic looks!

I will create some of my own "Statement Necklaces" with long multi-sized bead lengths from 24" to 36" lengths as well as shorter lengths of 16" - 18" with large beaded rounds, as pictured here . Some of these necklaces will only be shown at the upcoming fairs I am
attending this fall and winter - and they will be quite spectacular! It's been awhile since I've made one of these and I really want to build up that selection for those of you that want one of my bigger and bolder pieces... I will keep you posted as to when and where I will show this year end.

Lastly, here are some of the new colors you will see this fall and into winter. I'm excited to use most of them together - I think they make a strong statement: bark, cinnamon, mushroom, bone, duckling, & cilantro.

My wish for everyone is to branch out with color this fall - try some tangerine and crimson with a splash of sage or muted gold. Layer it up or wear something bold on your neck, or wrist. Circles, Dots, Rounds, Spheres is calling you...

...and color block Friday should be back on track for October!

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elleabelle said...

I am all about a white coat effect too!! Can you send me an email when you post some with whites??