Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 Holidays in Portland: TQB Designs at Abernethy Art & Craft Fair

This is my one and only show for the Holiday season.  Here is your chance to see the breadth of my collection, all my new designs, colors and shapes.  Of course, after this you can always purchase my work at the retailers in Portland that carry my work year round (see my website:  But, they don't always carry all the styles and colors.

As many of you know I love to support the Portland Public Schools and because this is just a one-day show, I was able to fit it into my schedule and hopefully do some good to bring arts to our kids:)  Please come out, if you can, and support this wonderful cause and buy some local art.  You'll feel better, I'll feel better, and our kids will benefit.  Thanks!


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