Monday, October 6, 2008

Never too late for praise!

Yes... I can say it... I slacked off a little these last few weeks in the marketing department. I failed to inform all my great customers of the latest show I was attending: Local 14. What can I say - you missed a FABULOUS show. I'll be sure to let you know next year so that you're sure not to miss it.

This organization, made up entirely of women in the arts, is an amazing amalgamation of talent, organization, drive and confidence. With this show I had to volunteer some of my time to help set up and tear down, and it was my pleasure to help out. I have to say when I showed up the night of the Gala Event to show my work, I was in complete awe of the beautiful set up of work and the professional displays. It was really an event - not to be missed!

So, the final result was this was far-and-away the best show I have ever had! ...I can't wait until next year. I met the most amazing artists and women and felt so welcomed into this obviously tight-knit group of talent.

Thanks to Ellie Wellstead, Wendy Avner, Cindy McDougall, Karen Hustwaite, Sarah Lajoie, Laura Berman, and of course Ann Munson (the eggs and begonias are amazing), for all the laughs and giggles to make it through the last 4 days of selling. I had amazing customers as well - where have you been all my life!:)

- Pink

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h.Lo said...

You're on the etsy home page right now... nice work!