Friday, May 23, 2008

Color Block Friday: Let the Sun Shine! - 2008.05.23

In honor of the coming big Memorial Day weekend and, in my opinion, the official start of summer, I am excited to showcase some new colors for the coming hot season! I am so excited about the combinations I have created and the new colors I've discovered...

Of course, we like to associate Summer with fiery colors like red, orange, yellow. I actually think of the many trips I had taken in summers past to New Mexico and Arizona . I envision the beautiful scenes of the Grand Canyon at sunset and the trip I took to L.A. during the heavy months of September when the warmth of the setting sun makes everything golden.

In honor of some of my favorite Summertime destinations, I have created two new color combos:

The first selection is 4-Corners. I still have visions of the Southwest and absolutely fell in love with the canyons and vistas, in my travels there. The beautiful blue skies and the fantastic rain storms of June. The sky is so beautiful in its stormy splendor - dark and foreboding with the rain hitting the earth so hard it bounces back up and create a layer of steam. The red rocks of the earth, the adobe homes, and stunning town plazas.

This new color story includes a new favorite color of mine called Flame. I love the way it can look very red or every-so-slightly red-orange as in this combination: tourmaline, turquoise, sandstone, tangerine, cinnamon, flame.

My other selection is called Sunset Boulevard. Inspired by the views and landmarks along the way: the neon, the setting sun, and of course all the beautiful people. This famous road winds its way through the heart of Los Angeles County, cutting through Hollywood Blvd - where dreams are developed (or dashed in some cases). It works its way past famous landmarks, such as The Roxy, The Whiskey a Go-Go and The Laugh Factory where Robin Williams performed and also The Rainbow Bar & Grill (aka. The Rainbow Room) where Marilyn Monroe had a blind date with Joe DiMaggio. This particular section is know as Sunset Strip. Further on it travels through Beverly Hills, Bel-Air and finally ends near Malibu at the Pacific Ocean.

In this color story I wanted to create a sense of strong contrasts in beautiful feminine shades - here's the line up: lemonade, root beer, peony, raspberry, honey, clementine - come together in this summertime collection. The two new colors in this collection - Raspberry is a shade of red with strong pink highlights and a matte and slightly iridescent finish - really beautiful. Clementine is also one of my new favorites - this is a truly fantastic summer color - a must have!

Summer is a time for dreaming. It's a time to decide "What else is out there... what am I missing?" I'm looking forward to a few travels this year... even if I may go broke (or stranded) from the price of gas. I'm looking forward to new inspirations... how 'bout you?

- Pink


Lisa said...

I'm drooling! These are GORGEOUS! When will they be up in your shop?

TQB Designs said...

I have posted the two pair of earring - flame and clementine - just click on them and it will take you to the link. The fantastic "Mosaic" necklace in 4-Corners combo will get listed very soon.:) Thanks!

elleabelle said...

I love the sunset boulevard set!

Carol Dean said...

Four Corners is so aptly have captured that part of the world's colors so beautifully :)