Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Photo Blog Ring is Official!

Okay for all those camera crazy individuals, such a myself, it is time now to share this obsession with the rest of the world. Littleputbooks has put together a fantastic idea on her blog, for a great way to express the visual world (with a tiny bit of help from myself in the way of themes). Please join our photo group. You don't have to be a professional, or an Etsy artist. You just have to love phototgraphy.

Photo Blog Ring

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Here's the words officially according to Ryan of Littleputbooks:

Join the Photo Blog Hunt!

Welcome to the photo blog ring where each week we scour our worlds for theme based photographs.

All are welcome to join. You can join at any time and leave when you like, to opt in please post your blog link Here or hit the back button to add it on the original post.

You'll need a few things to get started and we have a few simple guidelines we ask members to follow.

What you'll need to play:

1. A camera, digital is probably a good suggestions.
2. A blog. This blog should be set up for the sole purpose of joining the ring. Business & personal blog links can be included on your photo blog but the content should be about your pictures.

A few guidelines:

1. Upload at least one photo per theme, more if you can. Less once in a while is okay too but in general we would like to see at no fewer than one photo per hunt.
2. Tag, Title or Describe your photo in a way which lets everyone know which theme it belongs to.
3. No offensive, racist, degrading, or vulgar nudity. Images containing illegal acts are also not permitted.
4. Photos of crafts or things your business is permitted if it fits the theme however blatant self promotion is discouraged.
5. Please include the blog ring link on your blog (coming soon!)
6. We reserve the right to remove blogs from the ring at any time.

A few other things:
1. Everyone is welcome to join & everyone is welcome to view, please keep your comments positive when viewing others photos.
2. You may & can post these guidelines or a link to these guidelines on your blog, in forums or other groups you belong to.
3. You may & can post the calendar or a link to these guidelines on your blog, in forums or other groups you belong to.
4. Everyone is encouraged to come up with ideas for the weekly hunts. You can post these HERE.

Invite your friends, invite your family, come and play :D

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