Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A New Year, an Old Home & a Giant Yard

Jack-Stewart amongst the brambles
We have taken possession of our little green house again.  After 3 years of renters it is time to move home.  My dad's cancer isn't progressing, he's holding his own, and my mother says she has things under control. There is no reason to rent out my house anymore!  So back we are in our small house on a giant lot.

Because of the enormity of this lot I am taking the entire month of January off from jewelry making in order to get my yard tamed.  My son Jack-Stewart - all of 8 - announced last year that he wanted to grow up to be a farmer (as well as a scientist and a builder) - but right now he is fixed on 'farming' - even if it means living in a city, with all its limitations.  He wants a cow and a horse.  So instead we settled on having chickens - which are fine to have within the Portland city limits.  I think he has forgotten about his desire for pygmy goats "just like the ones our neighbor has."

So, if you feel inclined to follow our journey to start an urban farm (gardening and growing things is actually my hobby when I'm not making jewelry - but I grew flowers - not food),  it should definitely be interesting...  Jack and I are up for the challenge!  #1 on our list:  the blackberry and the english ivy - ahhhhh.

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